Hello, Internet!

My name is Aidan Church, I'm a Software Engineer from Dublin, Ireland. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from University College Dublin , where I graduated with a 3.9 GPA (First Class Honours). I'm currently working as a Software Engineer as part of Pandora's Core Engineering team.

Previously, I worked in downtown Palo Alto with Boxfish contributing to the backend engineering team which worked on issues concerning message passing, content analysis and realtime streams of every word spoken on television.

I participated in a number of internship programs during my time in college with companies like IBM, HeyStaks and The Clarity Centre. All of my internships involved technical roles solving interesting problems, shipping products and working in a team based environment.

During my time in college I also helped run Netsoc, an Internet and technology club; I served as both the Auditor and Head System Administrator of Netsoc over a period of two years. My responsibilities ranged from providing web services (hosting, backups, etc.) to the wider college community to interacting with college officials on behalf of the society.

I have an interest in solving non-trivial problems, particularly problems relating to information retrieval, security, scalability and search. My college thesis was titled "Curating Search Communities" and it focused on tackling the cold start problem.